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All natural fresh chai blends

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All natural and preservative-free, every sip is filled with #goodcalmer! A beautiful balance of sweet and spicy, our smooth and aromatic fresh chai blends are some of our most popular products. Known for offering tea lovers a physical and mental boost thanks to its high antioxidant content, fresh chai is thought to provide a wealth of amazing health benefits including boosting your immune system, protecting your heart health, alleviating nausea, aches and pains as well as helping to improve digestion. Our fresh chai range includes:

The origins of chai

Ancient masala chai has a rich history dating back thousands of years, steeped in tales of royalty and herbal medicine. It is said that a king created masala chai as a cleansing, vivifying Ayurvedic beverage. Originally made with a wide range of spices, masala chai translates to spiced tea, though the original blend did not contain any tea leaves and was caffeine-free. It was either served hot or cold and was used as a remedy for ailments. The popularity of this sweet and spicy drink grew in India throughout the early 1900s and furthermore in the 1960s when it became widely available with the addition of black tea. Worldwide, masala chai began to grow in popularity and eventually the name shifted simply to chai. Over the years, chai has evolved and now includes countless variations around the world. Our fresh chai concept pays homage to the masala chai that originated. in India and we still use our original recipe for our signature Calmer Chai.

About Calmer Chai

Beginning back in 2002, Calmer Chai was born when chai was still a rarity on cafe menus. Our founder and director, Caitlin West, a self-confessed chai addict, set out on a mission to help more people discover this delicious brew. Each blend is made to order in our Melbourne kitchen using premium ingredients and our famous fresh chai now features in our favourite Melbourne cafes and beyond. Our story is always evolving as we continue to bring you new and innovative products. We would love to hear your thoughts on our fresh chai products, so please feel free to get in touch or leave us a review.