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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “shelf life” of Calmer Chai products?
We recommend 6 months in the fridge and 8 months in the freezer. Keep in mind that our products will be safe to consume for many months beyond, however we recommend enjoying as soon as possible to enjoy maximum potency! Note that our Melbourne Blend and our Golden Blend are shelf stable and do not need to be refrigerated. Learn more about all of our fresh chai here.

Do you recommend keeping Calmer Chai products in the fridge or freezer?
When you store our products at refrigerated or frozen temperatures you are helping to lock in the freshness and flavour of the spices. Spices begin to lose their flavour and nutritional value as soon as they are ground, so keeping our product in the fridge or freezer will help lock in the flavours and give the product greater longevity.

Also, we use fresh ginger which contains moisture in our Calmer Chai and Super Spiced Cacao blends. Unrefrigerated for lengthy periods of time will result in the product spoiling. Our fresh chai and Super Spiced Cacao blends will be fine at room temperature for a few days and will not spoil for at least two weeks, so if it's left out overnight, or you are posting to a friend - do not fear! Just put it back in the fridge as soon as possible.

Is there caffeine in Calmer Chai products?
We use a small amount (23%) of black tea as a base for our Calmer Chai. However, the tea we use is naturally lower in tannins and caffeine than your average black tea. The
amount of caffeine in your cup will also depend on how much of the blend you use
and how long you steep it for.
If you are after something 100% caffeine-free, we do offer our Dandi Chai blend which uses dandelion & chicory root as the base instead of black tea. Also our Golden Chai Blend is caffeine-free, Vegan and Fructose-free!

Are Calmer Chai products Gluten Free?
You betcha! There is no gluten used in the production of our products.

Do you have any Vegan products?
We sure do. Our Vegan Chai, Golden Chai & Melbourne Chai are all plant-based. And if you are after a Vegan hot chocolate, look no further than our plant-based Super Spiced Cacao.

Does Calmer Chai come as a powder or syrup?
We believe freshly ground chai is best, plus we wanted to stay away from refined sugars, so you won’t find any powdered chai here! Our chai is “sticky”, meaning it is a combination of spices with local honey or rice malt syrup.

After being in the post is my chai still fresh?
Yes! We post our chai unrefrigerated as it is shelf stable at room temperature for up to 2 weeks. Pop your chai in the fridge/freezer (unless it is our Golden or Melbourne Chai) as soon as you receive it as this will extend the shelf life and help lock in the freshness and flavour.

Why does the chai taste different when I brew it at home compared to when I order it in a cafe?
Cafes generally use a different brewing method whereby they texture the milk to create a creamy chai latte. For some unknown reason (probably explained somehow by science) this does change the flavour slightly when compared with a stove top brew. If you have access to a coffee machine or steaming device you can achieve a similar result to a cafe-style chai latte.

Can I reuse the chai once I have made a pot?
Sure, however, once the chai has been brewed, the tannins in the tea have been released, as has much of the flavour from the spices. Yes you can reuse, but the result will never be as abundant in flavour!

What else can I make with Calmer Chai products?
We have plenty of recipes up on our blog. Check it out for heaps of chai-filled inspiration!

Where are your Calmer Chai products made?
All of our blends are handcrafted with love (fresh to order) in our Moorabbin, Victoria kitchen by our dedicated production angels.

Yay, I’ve just placed my order! When will I receive it?
As a guide, the turn-around time from when the order is processed in Melbourne Metro is 2 business days. Rural and interstate will be 3 - 5 business days. You will receive a tracking number via email along with an invoice once payment has been made.
We use a third party courier service, so if your order has not arrived after the suggested time, please contact us:
(03) 9553 2836

Do you offer gift cards?
Yes! You can purchase a gift card for a friend or loved one in $30, $50, $70, $100 & $150 denominations HERE.

What products are included in the 15% OFF subscription service?
You can choose between ANY of our Chai Blends plus our Super Spiced Cacao.

Do I need to pay for shipping?
All orders over $60 will receive FREE shipping! We ship Australia wide via our online shop. Any orders under $60 will incur a shipping fee.

I would like to return my product or have it refunded. How do I do that?
If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase we will give you a 2 day money-back guarantee time frame from the time you receive the goods.

Please email us at: orders@calmerchai.com.au within that timeframe if you are not satisfied with your purchase so that we can resolve any issues.

Our refund policy does not apply to:
1. Goods which have been used.
2. Goods which have been damaged AFTER delivery.
3. Goods that have been altered, dropped or broken.

All products must be returned in their original condition. All postage costs are to be paid by the buyer.
We recommend that you return the product via registered post and that you prepay all postage. You assume any risk of loss, theft or damage during transit. Calmer Chai will not be responsible for parcels lost or damaged in transit.

If you have any other questions regarding our products feel free to email or give us a call.
03 9553 2836