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How to Brew

Did Someone Say Chai O'clock?
Everything you need to know on how to create the perfect cup of calmer every time. From our signature chai blends to our range of specialty organic blends, the directions are simple, but crucial to the end result.

Please note: for Dandi Chai use a teaspoon instead of a tablespoon.

Calmer Chai and Ceramic teapot
Calmer Tips
Add a little grated fresh ginger to your Chai brew for extra zing

Store your Chai in the fridge or freezer. Spices begin to lose their flavour and nutritional value as soon as they are ground. Keeping our product in the fridge or freezer will help lock in the flavours and give the product greater longevity.

Experiment with milk alternatives to find your favourite combination with our wet Chai. However, we recommend soy as being most complimentary. The nuttiness of the milk marries
perfectly with the spices to create a well rounded cup.

Add a little cold water to your green tea leaves so the hot water does not scold the leaves and release bitter tannins.

Black tea with ceramic teapot