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10 Books to Read with a Side of Chai

10 Books to Read with a Side of Chai

Curl Up To These Staff Faves!

Winter is the perfect time to grab a cozy blanket, make a steaming mug of chai, and lose yourself in a great book. As the temperatures drop, we've gathered our top 10 staff picks that are sure to keep you entertained, inspired, and warm through the chilly months. From thrilling mysteries to heartwarming tales, there's something here for everyone to enjoy. So, find your favorite reading nook and get ready to curl up with these captivating reads!


Team Member: Jane 

Role: Warehouse & Production Manager 

Book: The Wife and The Widow 

Author: Christian White 

Why is this a must read? Set in a wintery Victorian beach town, The Wife and the Widow, is a mystery thriller told from the perspective of both a wife and a widow living different lives. I couldn't put it down and the very clever twist plots had me guessing until the end.


Team Member: Kacey

Role: General Manager

Book: "Boy Swallows Universe"

Author: Trent Dalton

Why is this a must read?: I'm a sucker for an Australian novel and I love the way T.D writes. This book hooked me in, there are so many moments of purity amongst the darkness. A celebration of strength and resilience.


Team Member: Blaire

Role: Operations

Book: “The hidden life of trees”

Author: Peter Wohlleben

Why is this a must-read? Journey into the secret world of trees, offering a poetic yet scientifically grounded perspective on how trees communicate, share resources, and care for one another. Bringing to life the interconnectedness of forest ecosystems, showing us how trees form complex communities that work together to survive and thrive. This book resonates in a time when the world faces environmental crises, providing a hopeful glimpse into the harmony of nature and inspiring us to think about our own roles in preserving it.

Team Member: Laura

Role: Photographer & Copywriter

Book: "Freedom is a Constant Struggle"

Author: Angela Y. Davis

Why is this a must read? "I am absolutely loving this book, not only because it is quite poetically written, but the information is quite impactful due to what is going on in the current world conflicts.  As saddening as talking about war can be, I find that this book offers hope and insight into how the world can be a better place if we all unite together."


Team member: Petra

Role: Production/Delivery

Book: Convenience Store Woman

Author: Suyaka Murata 

Why is this a must read? Although it is a short novel, 'Convenience Store Woman' is quite funny and easy to read. Yet it still manages to explore the concepts around modern work culture and social conformism in Japan - often highlighting the difficulties of not 'fitting in'. 


Team Member: Chloe

Role: Marketing 

Book: Darling Girls 

Author: Sally Hepworth

Why is this a must read? I’ve just recently gotten back into fiction books as a way to switch off and avoid too much Netflix and this book got me hooked! It’s a murder mystery that has you turning pages with lots of strong character stories to keep you interested but in an easy to follow way. 


Team Member: Jane 

Role: Warehouse & Production Manager 

Book: The Midnight Library 

Author: Matt Haig

Why is this a must read? Described as a fantasy novel it's not something I'd usually listen to but the concept is fascinating. The main character finds herself stuck in 'The Midnight Library' a place between life and death and by picking up a book within the library has the opportunity to play out her 'lives' differently. Is the grass always greener? 


Team Member: Stef 

Role: Sales 

Book: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close 

Author: Jonathan Safran Foer 

Why is this a must read? "An incredible story that spans generations and two significant time points in history. It is told by three different voices meaning you get three different points of view. It is cleverly written and unique amongst other similar stories. It is as heart warming as it is heart-breaking, and it never fails to make me feel multitudes".  

Team Member: Blaire

Role: Operations

Book: “Phosphorescence”

Author: Julia Baird

Why is this a must-read? "Phosphorescence" explores how to find inner light and resilience during tough times. Through poetic writing, it shows the beauty in small moments and connections that bring meaning to encourages finding joy in nature, relationships, and simple acts of kindness.....It reminds us that even in darkness, light can always be found.


Team Member: Jane 

Role: Warehouse & Production Manager 

Book: HoneyBee 

Author: Craig Silvey 

Why is this a must read? As an Audible fan this recommendation is a must listen. Honeybee set in Perth is both heartwarming and heartbreaking. It tells the story of an unlikely friendship forged between a transgender teenage boy and an elderly man with their first meeting taking place in the darkest of places.

Random trivia - the boy pictured on the cover is Lee Tiger Halley who starred in Boy Swallows Universe.  

Team Member: Blaire

Role: Operations

Book: “Dangerous Beauty” stories from the wilds or Yellowstone

Author: Sandy Sisti & Carolyn Jourdan

Why is this a must-read? "Dangerous Beauty" offers an intimate glimpse into the wonderful world of Yellowstone National Park, focusing particularly on its iconic bears. Through stunning photography and beautiful storytelling, the book explores the lives of grizzly bears and black bears in their natural habitat and illustrates how these magnificent creatures are both powerful and vulnerable. The book underscores the importance of respecting their space and preserving the ecosystems that sustain them. 


So, which one will you start with? We hope you enjoy the recommendations…let us know which ones you dive into. Happy reading!

 Love, Calmer Chai