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There are two sure-fire ways to get you into the Christmas spirit; an entire morning spent gift wrapping a sea of presents, or an entire morning blasting Mariah Carey’s ‘Merry Christmas’ album on repeat (sorry we mentioned it!). Either way, if you’re looking to say NO to buying wrapping paper this year, we have 3 eco-friendly gift-wrapping ideas that will absolutely bring the holiday cheer.

So, time to grab your chai and roll up those sleeves because it’s time to get crafty. When it comes to being eco-friendly, it’s all about using what you already have, turning trash into treasure, and keeping an open mind.

Fabric Scraps

Tea towels, scarves or pillowcases from op-shops make an affordable present and gift-wrapping alternative. Cotton drawstring bags that often come with online orders are another great fabric option. Let your inner designer come out by stitching designs or names onto the fabric or add a hand-painted ornament to loop through the top.

Image credit: Greta van der Star for NZ Herald

Takeaway Bags

Chances are you have a stack of kraft paper bags stored in one of your cupboards (guilty!). The perfect vessel for presents of all sizes, these bags are blank slates waiting to be customised. Spruce them up with printed or colourful washi tape, cut pieces of old cards and  use them for name tags, or grab some acrylic paint pens and draw patterns or shapes straight onto the bag. The world is your paper-bag oyster.

Image credit: Kooka Paperie

Parcel Packaging

Have some parcels arriving at your doorstep? Save the compostable or biodegradable parcel bags for gift wrapping! Remove any labels, turn the bags inside out and use ribbon, twine or yarn to secure the top. Add dried flowers, herbs, or foraged leaves for a natural touch.

Person with pile of biodegradable bags making a peace sign
Image credit: Shop OISTR

The sky’s the limit when it comes to upcycling items found around your house into one-of-a-kind gift wrapping. After all, the most memorable gifts are the ones filled with thought and care! 

Have another thoughtful eco-friendly gift-wrapping idea that we haven’t included? Message us and let us know on our Instagram @calmerchai.