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Melbourne Sticky Chai


All Natural Sticky Chai Blends Made in Melbourne 


Back to when it all began...

I first discovered chai when I was young/er – freshly released from the confines and routine of school life and from living under my parents’ roof and rules... and into the big sparkling world of opportunity. I was 19 and heading to a festival in my friends beat up buggy. It was in the warm and welcoming chai tent at confest, where I had my first ever sip of masala chai. Little did I know that this was to become a lifelong daily habit, nor my career.

20 odd years on and it’s still my daily habit – with our Fresh Dandelion Chai being my mainstay. And it still gives me as much pleasure as it did all those years ago.



There is chai and there is chai. There is the chai that you sometimes receive in a café and it tastes like a mug of warm milk with a hint of cinnamon and a whisper of black tea. Then there is fresh chai; rich in aroma, with layers of gorgeous spice notes hitting your palate, beautifully balanced with a hint of sweet honey and that truly authentic zing coming from the likes of freshly grated ginger and pepper. The kind of chai that makes your tastebuds do a little happy dance.

Australia has well and truly adopted masala chai as a staple on café menus and in the home pantry or fridge. I love the nuances that each product offers. They are all so different and wonderful in their own unique way. And though I enjoy many of the chais available today, obviously my palate is a little biased towards a Calmer Sutra Chai (which is no coincidence as I design our products largely based on my own palates wants).

It might be said that I’m somewhat partial to a bit of fresh ginger. Our 3 fresh chai varieties share something simple things in common - they all contain fresh ginger root for that lovely authentic spice zing, they are made from REAL ingredients - no syrups or flavour extracts, no preservatives and they are all refined sugar free. Just honest ingredients that your body and mind will thank you for. 

One of the biggest questions we still get asked is WHY? Why is it wet and sticky? Fair enough question but we have a very good answer in a previous post here.

I hope a cup of chai or whatever your daily poison may be, brings you as much joy as it does me!

Much love,                                                                                                                  Mama Chai xxx