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I AM Small black seeds encased by a thin papery outer pod. I HAVE a strong unique flavour and am widely used in many cuisines from Indian curries to  baked goods in nordic countries to Middle eastern sweet dishes and of course - in masala chai

What am I? Cardamom! (Did the title give that away?)

Did you know?

  • Cardamon is the world's 3rd most expensive spice surpassed only by vanilla and saffron.
  • There are 2 types of cardamom ;green cardamom - the more common variety; and brown cardamom, native to the himalayas and more smokey in aroma
  • Once the seeds are exposed or ground they quickly loose their flavour so are best stored in their pod form
  • Cardamom is a traditional ingredient of masala chai
  • It's used in both sweet and savoury dishes
  • In India they chew the pods after meals for fresh breath
  • Cardamom is said to aid digestion and help reduce bloating

Read on for my version of Cardamom tea.
Happy sipping,
Mama Chai xx

Cardamom Tea - makes 2 cups

Drink after a meal to aid digestion

You will need:

  • 2 cups of water
  • Black tea leaves  (1-2 teaspoons of loose leaf or 1-2 tea bags depending on the strength you would like the tea base)
  • 1x green cardamom pod
  • Milk
  • Honey (or alternative sweetener to taste)

*Note Calmer Sutra’s Evermore makes a great neutral tea base in this recipe


  1. Bring 2 cups of water to the boil on the stovetop
  2. Using a mortar and pestle (or back of a spoon) open up the pod and remove the seeds. Crush the seeds to release the aroma
  3. Add the black tea leaves and the cardamom seeds to the pot and remove from heat.
  4. Add ½ teaspoon of  honey or to taste
  5. Add the milk
  6. Allow to stand for 2 minutes
  7. Return to the heat and gently reheat but be careful not to boil now that the milk is in.
  8. Strain into a cup and drink your digestive woes away!