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The Calmer Sutra team is a small, but mighty one and we’re proud of the like-minded individuals that we get to work with every day. So to give you a sneak peek inside what goes on behind closed doors (besides a whole heap of chai!), we spoke with our beloved Sales Consultant Kacey Childs.

Kacey Childs

Tell us a little bit about what you do at Calmer Sutra and what your week typically looks like.

I am a sales consultant for Calmer Sutra Tea. I bring on new customers as well as maintain existing accounts. This includes both cafes and health food stores across Victoria. I am a go to person if customers have any questions about the products or are looking to expand their menus and offerings. I also provide staff training and quality control to ensure cafes are getting the most out of our delicious beverages. 

You can find me popping in to deliver your Calmer goodies, slinging samples of products you may not have tried yet or just checking in to see how everything is travelling along. 

I’m a massive cafe nerd, so I spend a lot of time researching new places, perusing menus and decor. If the place has something special I will drop in to see if they have tasted our chai. I will make our signature blend and watch their eyes light up- I love it!

I also help out at our festival chai bar. We frequent local wellness festivals making and selling our products. I am usually behind the machine making sure your chai is brewed to perfection.

What’s your favourite part about working at Calmer Sutra?

My favourite part about working at CST is when I am chatting to customers and they are in total appreciation of the product - when their adoration matches my own I feel so proud to be representing this company, I know we are onto a good thing.

I also love love love our whole team! We have such a warm, kind and understanding staff. I’ve never had a job where each and every one of us is equal and completely appreciated. It makes coming to work a dream. 

Endless chai in my life makes me pretty damn happy too!

When our customers' adoration matches my own, I feel so proud to be representing this company and I know we are onto a good thing.

Was there anything in particular that drew you to the company and/or the brand?

I met Nina (our Sales Manager) a while back through a friend. I heard her speak about her job at CST with such enthusiasm and pride. I remember being insanely jealous and thinking “I want that job”.

I had been working in hospitality forever, I love the industry but was looking to get on the other side of the counter. I wanted something with one foot in the cafe door without being the face of the cafe. I wanted to work for a company that created things and feelings worth talking about. Something that spoke to my values and passion. Calmer Sutra is that.

I am originally from Byron Bay so a company that is in touch with their inner boho goddess has me feeling right at home!

Kacey Childs

We know you’re quite the talented chef when it comes to whipping up unique recipes with specialty Calmer Sutra products! What have been some of your favourite creations to date?

Well my Super Spiced Brownies are the actual bomb! They are my favourite so far.

I also make a mean mulled wine - Winter to me is making a backyard fire pit and sipping that saucy number all night long!

It’s not really a “recipe” but I also put our chai sprinkles on absolutely everything - ricotta, banana and sprinkles on toast is a fave breakfast of mine.

I just love experimenting with our products, even the failed recipes I enjoyed creating. I am currently playing around trying to incorporate our teas into some recipes, so watch this space.

I also put our chai sprinkles on absolutely everything - ricotta, banana and sprinkles on toast is a fave breakfast of mine.

How do you take your Calmer Chai? Milk of choice?

I really can’t go past the classic - Calmer Chai with soy milk. It’s just so damn good! Although everyone at the office knows what's up when it comes to morning chai time - a soy Dandi Chai with a touch of turmeric will hit you right where you need it.

I make my own milk alternatives at home with various nuts and seeds but it can be tricky to texture the milk and get the spices to balance. There is just something about the soy that really complements the chai - it goes unrivaled.

Lastly, because it’s silly and fun, what’s your spirit animal?

It’s actually so funny that you asked… I recently had an incredible healing session with Mandie (I highly recommend booking in a session with her) who also works at CST. She told me that my current spirit animal is a Donkey! Some traits I will gladly share with the donkey are dedication, insightfulness, independence and wisdom. Thanks for that Mandie!

I always thought I was more of a Panda Bear, but Donkey works for now. :)