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Fresh Chai Hot Cross Buns

Fresh Chai Hot Cross Buns

Is there anyone who doesn't love a hot cross bun fresh out of the oven? I can just hear these little Easter buns screaming out for a good hit of fresh chai to nestle amongst the currants and cinnamon. Get your oven mits on, you wont be disappointed!



250gms of white spelt flour

1 teaspoon sea salt

1 teaspoon dry yeast

1 tablespoon raw suar

3/4 cup currants

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1/2 teaspoon nutmeg

1/4 teaspoon all spice

1/4 teaspoon ginger powder

1/4 teaspoon clove powder

(if you dont have all the above spices on hand, dont worry too much just use what you do have and perhaps up the amount of Calmer Chai you infuse in the milk)



30gms unsalted butter melted

150ml milk

25ml (a splash) of boiling water

3 heaped tablespoons of Fresh Calmer Chai

50ml olive oil



1. Pour a small amount of boiling water over the Calmer Chai in a jug

2. Add the milk and stir. Allow to stand and infuse. The longer this infuses the more chai flavour will be extracted into the milk


3. In a mixing bowl, add all of the dry ingredients and combine well


4. Pour the milk through a strainer and squeeze as much excess liquid from the chai, through the strainer as you can. 

5.Combine the strained milk, melted butter and oil. Allow for this these ingredients to drop to room temperature

6. Add wet to dry ingredients and stir well. Mixture should look wet but not runny


7. Cover with glad wrap and leave to rise in a warm spot for a couple of hours or until the mix has doubled in size

8. Preaheat oven to 200 degrees Celcius

9.  Dust some flour over your bench and knead the dough for around 30 seconds

10. Divide and shape into balls a bit bigger than the size of a golf ball.

11. Place on a lined tray with around 1cm space in between each one

12. Cook for 20 minutes. When you tap the top of the bun, it should sound hollow

13. Serve fresh with butter and a drizzle of Hiranya Chai honey.  


Enjoy and Happy Easter

Mama Chai xx