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Do you have rituals around how and when you drink your favourite cuppa? I think it's a well-known fact that for coffee and tea drinkers alike, it's a whole lot more than just a daily drink we consume but rather a ritual with very important personalised nuances.

The time of the day, the vessel we choose, the variety, strength, where we drink it… and how it affects our day if the ritual doesn't happen for one reason or another! Needless to say, I’m quite particular about my tea rituals, but they do have some fluidity and flexibility…well, with the exception of my morning brew! 

Calmer Sutra Evermore Black Organic Tea


First thing I do upon rising is put the kettle on - without fail. Tea always comes before brekky, in fact tea comes before everything; before I’m ready to engage with another human, before I’m ready to check the various platforms on my phone and before I’m ready to consider my next moves for the day. And my first cuppa is always a nice bold, black breakfast style like our Evermore tea with a dash of milk. 

A nice big generous mug, sometimes 2 teabags or a good couple of teaspoons of loose-leaf, a lengthy brew time (at least 3-4 minutes - adding the milk too soon can be the death of your brew and the patience required for this when all you want to do is get sipping can be challenging!) A couple of years ago, my friend's boyfriend introduced me to the unconventional combination of adding soy and cows milk to my tea. And yep that's now how I religiously take it. 50/50 Bonsoy and full cream cows milk. It just works.

My morning tea of choice - Our organic Evermore tea

Evermore Organic Black Tea


Chai! I almost always have an arvo chai! On the off chance it’s not chai, I’ll sneak in one final black tea before it gets a bit too late for my slightly caffeine sensitive body to handle.

I LOVE my afternoon chai. It's that halfway point between lunch and dinner when your blood sugar levels seem to take a nosedive and the brain fog and lethargy begins to settle in. Occasionally, I’ll couple my cuppa with a protein bliss ball to really nail the ritual. I find a nice strong creamy chai latte brewed with Bonsoy and topped off with our chai sprinkles does the job superbly.

My chai of choice - Always our original blend Calmer Chai or Dandi Chai (after all, I did create the products to suit my taste buds!) 


This is when I enjoy a light herbal brew to help me settle into the evening and unwind. Hands down, my favourite after-dinner brew is our delightfully smooth Black Velvet tisane. With an exquisite natural sweetness from organic licorice, I find it really does curb the urge for something sweet after a nourishing dinner. 

My nightcap of choice - Our Black Velvet tisane or Floral Fields tisane for soothing sleepy vibes.

So whatever beverages you like to pepper your day with, we have something for every occasion and every palate. And don’t forget that our palates do mature and change over time. I encourage you to get creative with your cuppa - whether it’s a dirty chai (coffee & chai combined) or a sunshine chai (freshly grated turmeric in your chai) or adding two types of milk to your black tea, be sure to mix it up!