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Cinnamon - a versatile, dependable companion and our most adored flavour.

Cinnamon is a central ingredient in Calmer Sutra's fresh chai blends and for good reason - this glorious ancient spice has a lot of history, tradition and health benefits.

Cinnamon History and Health Benefits

Worth Gold, Literally

The history of cinnamon dates back as far as 2000 BC. It has been told that Egyptian Pharaohs used cinnamon during embalming rituals for its distinct perfuming agents and prevailing value. Cinnamon was so highly regarded and cherished at this time that it’s worth was akin to ivory and gold. It was used as currency by Arab Merchants and considered as a generous gift for Monarchs and Gods.

Cinnamon is native to Sri Lanka and has been used in Ayurvedic therapies for generations. The spice comes from a small evergreen tree, the inner bark is peeled and dried which then curls up to present to us the quintessential cinnamon quill. 

Deliciously Good for You

The unmistakable aroma of cinnamon comes from the essential oil within the bark which is called Cinnamaldehyde. Preliminary research suggests that cinnamaldehyde is the compound responsible for most health benefits associated with cinnamon.

Included in this list of health benefits are:

  • Anti-inflammatory properties
  • Anti-fungal properties
  • Antibacterial properties
  • Alleviates gastrointestinal issues
  • Regulates female hormones
  • Alleviates coughing and sore throats
  • Increases blood flow

While the majority of research so far is showing us an abundance of positive health effects it is worth noting that there are many more human trials and explorations yet to be undertaken. Overall good nutrition is vital for a happy and healthy life- and there is no harm in weaving this beautiful aromatic spice into your daily ritual, that’s for sure!

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For the Sweet and Savoury Tooth Alike

The culinary uses of cinnamon are endless. It’s versatility sees it being added to both sweet and savoury dishes - from biscuits and cakes to curries and chutneys. Cinnamon truly is a pantry staple.

To maximise the health benefits and potency of cinnamon the key is freshness! Which is why at Calmer Sutra Tea, we grind our cinnamon daily for each of our fresh chai blends, grinding to order to lock in all that goodness. That all too familiar and inviting spicy aroma fills the air and we know it’s time to put the kettle on…