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Which chai are you?
We are spoilt for choice when it comes to receiving our daily chai intake. Here are a few chai-tastic offerings to spice up the daily grind. 


Feeling dandy? How could you not when you have a cup of our caffeine-free Dandi chai in your hands? Using roasted dandelion and chicory root, this earthy concoction subtly resembles coffee with its warm and nutty flavour profile. Highly recommended for those trying to reduce their caffeine intake, and a perfect morning brew for expecting mothers as mentioned in our Chai Baby blog. Fun fact, the Australian Tea Masters loved this chai so much, they awarded it a medal in the 2021 Golden Leaf Awards. Perfectly enjoyed any time of day!



For those of you who enjoy a plant-based diet, our delectable Vegan chai is your perfect match.  Swapping out the honey for organic rice-malt syrup, this delicious blend is also fructose free, ideal for anyone practising a low FODMAP diet. Sip, sip Hooray!



Get your mind out of the gutter!  Combining chai and espresso, this sultry duo is sure to give you that extra kick you need in the morning.  Perfectly balanced with that sweet and bitter twang, this caffeine-packed mix is perfect as a cold beverage or in a steamin’ hot mug.  Ooo la la.



Keep calm and make yourself a cocktail.  If you’re feeling spicy (and in need of liquid therapy), why not try your hand in some home mixology? There are plenty of ways to integrate our chai blends into syrups that you can incorporate into your home-made cocktails.  For a delish boozy dessert, try our Chai Spiced White Russian, or for something to share with a group of friends, our Calmer Chai Mulled Wine is the cocktail golden ticket.  Cheers!




It may seem obvious, but why not finish with the best?  Our award-winning Calmer Chai was thoughtfully created over 20 years ago and remains the flagship of our fresh chai blends. Not only does it contain zingy fresh ginger, local Victorian honey and freshly ground spices, it is a perfect morning cuppa to enjoy every day of the week. OK, YEAR.


For more cocktails and other ways to chai, check out our Calmer Sutra blog for yummy chai-filled recipes! And if you don’t want to miss out on any of these chai opportunities (let’s be honest, you all want a Naugh-tea Chai now), you can set up a monthly subscription so you are never left without spice in your life.  Delivered by the angels at Calmer HQ with love and care. 

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