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We sat down with Kinesiologist and Life Coach, Chloe, to discuss how we can bring more mindfulness into our lives. Mindfulness is not just an “it” phrase, but a valuable practice of paying attention to our thoughts and feelings without judgement. Mindfulness has been linked to benefits in both physical and mental health and has been implemented in countless well-being programs across the world.

Chloe’s approach to living a mindful life is simple: Follow what feels good.  She believes that by practicing daily, enjoyable rituals, we not only create a space for calm, but also a space to connect back to our authentic selves.  

Here are a few of Chloe’s “mindfulness rituals” to try out for yourself:

Self Care.
Give yourself the time and love you deserve! Self care allows us to “fill up our cup” so that we can ultimately show up in the world as our highest, most authentic selves. We often give to others yet we forget to prioritise giving to ourselves; this is actually a disservice to both parties involved. If you take the time to nurture yourself first, you give yourself the much needed love and support in order to show up for others from a whole and grounded place. 

Create Space for Calm. 
This is all about your physical space. Put on your favourite tunes, light a candle, open the blinds to get some natural light in, or burn some incense. Whatever helps you to relax and brings you enjoyment will activate presence, because when we are in our pleasure we are truly living in the moment. 



Intention is Everything.
Chloe’s motto: It is less about what you are doing and more about the intention behind it. Something as simple as making and drinking a chai can be a profound ritual if you use the opportunity to set clear intentions. Chloe suggests while you are preparing your chai, use those moments to set an intention. That intention could be about what you would like that cup of chai to bring you today, it could be your intention for the day itself, or even your intention for the month. Just use this moment to be clear on what you are calling in. Some examples of intentions could be…

“This chai will evoke joy and warmth in me.”
“This chai will bring me into high self-worth.”
“This chai will awaken my creativity today.”
“This chai will give me strength to stand in my power.”

(Note: you can either say your intention out loud or in your head)

Bring The Vibe.
Once you have made your beautiful, intention-infused chai, be mindful of how you serve it. Sounds simple but be sure to drink it from a cup or mug that you love! You don’t want one that's annoyingly hot to touch, or one that is too big, too small or not nice to look at. Use your favourite mug; don’t save it just for special occasions. Every day is special and worth celebrating, so lean into abundance by using the best you have.

Presence. Presence. Presence.
A moment of mindfulness each day is the key to showing up in the world from a grounded place. Use this time while you sip on your chai (in your fave mug, with a candle burning) to be present. Put your phone down and just be with your thoughts. Take some deep breaths before your first sip and tap into your body to see how you’re feeling that day. What emotions are coming up? What can you do for yourself that day to be the best version of yourself? How are you genuinely feeling? This doesn't have to be a lengthy process but even a couple of minutes to connect back with yourself. Super simple but notice how you show up that day after spending those conscious moments with you and your chai.



We love that Chloe advocates taking the pressure off and making the whole process pleasurable. Our team at Calmer Sutra Tea have practised this ritual and absolutely love it. It is simple yet profound; evoking a sense of deep mindfulness and presence within yourself. Put the final touch on your morning ritual with one of our calming fresh chai blends.

If you would like to find out more about Chloe, her Kinesiology, or her coaching sessions head to her website. Otherwise follow her on Instagram for an abundance of helpful tools and insights on all things personal growth.   

Enjoy the new rituals in your life!